Wednesday, 7 May 2014

My To the Moon Story

In my readings I recently came upon Doug Pete's Blog post in-titled To the Moon with Google.  In his blog post he showcases this amazing video:

It is a really great motivational movie not just about following your dreams and creative thinking but about teaching in general.  Doug challenged every reader to post their own To the Moon Story and so because I don't want to forget to do this I thought I would post mine.

My to the moon story happened last year.  For the past four years I have really tried to embed social justice into my teaching.  I think it is important that students not only learn skills for academics but also skills for life in general. It has become a big part of my teaching incorporated into every part.  Skills are great but its the social justice that really takes it to the moon because it connects the student to reality.  Its the hard questions that you ask that make students think about what they are doing and more importantly WHY they need to do it.  It allows them to immerse themselves in the context and therefore the skills that they actually need to learn in a meaningful way.  It goes beyond a 30 minute lecture and then a 30 minute practise of facts that we all learned as students.  Not only this but it inspires students to go beyond the classroom and think about spreading the love.  This happened last year, where three of my students were so empowered by our talks they decided for their birthday to create pieces of art, then convince the principal to allow them to sell their artwork for charity.  On their own, students made art work, a plan, talked to the principal and ran the art show.  They raised $200 for free the children.  I couldn't have been prouder.

Its moments like this that make you stand taller as a teacher, knowing that you had an impact on their thinking as our future citizens.  It's also these moments that you love and charges you for the ups and downs of teaching.  For those teachers that read this blog, have no doubt that you make a difference.

So just like Doug challenged me what is your too the moon story?  I would love to hear.

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