Wednesday, 25 June 2014

My Next Steps for Genius Hour

Let me start this post with I absolutely love Genius Hour. I think that it is one of the best things that I have started this year. I believe this because it has allowed my students to blossom both in independent work and in academic work.  My students have soared in reading, asking critical questions and in there academics.  

Before I get into wherei want to go let me tell you What it look likes.  Right now, genius hour happens once a week in my classroom. I spend about forty minutes where the students research, whatever they have a passion about.  Now it's not just a free for all, my students have one goal, it must teach the class something.  The students first submit a proposal, and then research, present and reflect. It's been a great process; however, there is some tweeting I think I would like to do.

Here are my thoughts:

1) Though I should have done this from the beginning I think I need a wonder wall. My vision for this wall is to post students I wonder statements. Students can ethier answer their own questions or pick a topic from another students thinking. Once they have answered this, they can present the information to the class and post their work on the Genius Hour board, with the question attached.

2) I want to tie Genius Hour to a term monthly sharing process with the parents.  The reason that I want to do is I have found that though my students have been come excellent researchers and explorers they have struggled to complete projects. Some have done a great job but others have really struggled to do even one.  Having a celebration tied to the project will allow students (at least I hope) to have some urgency or a sense of planning to show their parents what they have done. I am also hoping that it will promote slightly deeper thinking into their questions and choice of topic.

Just a few simple ideas but next year I hope they will support and improve this wonderful experiences that I have had with Genius Hour.  Would love to here your thoughts on this or any other suggestions.

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