Friday, 5 September 2014

Using Tech in the Classroom

This post is not so much a post about my thoughts but that of my colleague and close friend Keri Ewart (@KeriEwart).  Today she was on a Hamilton Radio station discussing technology in the classroom.

Have a good listen:

A couple of key points that I took from Keri's talk were:

1) Its not the iPad per-say but what the teacher does with it.  You cannot just plop a device into a child's hand and say learn. They may but most likely will not.

2) There is a lot of apps out there, what do you want to do with them is important. The program of the teacher not the actual program.  (You can find our program list on

3) Kids love it and therefore will stay more engaged with it.

However, I do I some questions still as I journey through the process with her:

1) Are the iPads meeting all kinds of minds? I am all about tech and use it quite easily but what if a child could care less?

2) How do we families and students who don't have exposure to tech while stimulating those who do?

3) What about those who cannot afford it?

4) What is needed for all teachers to critically think about implementing technology in the classroom?

5) How does everyone else use technology in the classroom? How do you seamlessly integrate it into your program? What programs do you use and why?

Love to hear your comments and thoughts.

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