Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Blog Hop: Digital Learning in Math

Tonight's Blog Hop is about digital learning in Math and I want to share two of my favourite tools.

First I think that with any technology it is not the technology but the teacher that makes the difference. I have seen the exact same tool used in various classrooms with various degrees of success; all depended on how the teacher implemented tools.  It's very important to note that the teacher has the impact to turn any lesson into a great mathematical success or a great failure.  A lot is dependent on how you plan, the thinking and linking to curriculum and big ideas and what questions are being asked in the rich task.

That being said:

The first tool I want to share is an app called explain everything. This app is fantastic to use for explaining students mathematical processes. In my class after students are done their math problem they grab their iPad and then they take a picture of their work and talk over the strategy. They use the laser pointer to describe what they did. You can also have them write on the screen and screencast as you go. This is a great idea for presenting students strategies outside of the classroom. You also have the explanation to go with the written work.

The second tool has been my journey using Minecraft in math.  It has been amazing how this gaming app can be used to explore endless possibilities in mathematics. Take a look at some of the ideas that we have done:

Overall, tech can be used in a variety of ways to enhance the learning of the students. The important part is that as a teacher we bring out the mathematics.  It can be used to engage, promote and discuss math concepts but more importantly it is a way to record and reflect on student thinking.

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