Thursday, 7 January 2016

What does it mean to innovate?

Google has opened their Google Innovator Program (formally their Google Teacher Program) and this year they want applicants to think about an Innovation for education. This prompt got me thinking, What does it mean to Innovate?

There are so many innovative people that I have met over my teaching career, from looking at what I admire in them here is what I think about innovation.

An innovator is someone who thinks outside of the box. They are always willing to push the boundaries of education in order to better the profession. An innovator is able to make connections to many varying subject matter. An innovator is energetic, enthusiastic and has a zest for learning. They themselves are as much the learner as the innovator. An innovator is someone who continues to questions and is never satisfied with one answer. They don't just do things because its always been done. An innovator doesn't have to be the loudest person in the room but is someone who let's their voice be heard. They are leaders and teachers.

However, as I am asked to think of an Innovation project I do get stuck. Is my idea good enough? Is it innovative enough? Has it been done before? However, this is the frame of mind that blocks innovation. What I do know though is that not everyone is an innovator but that everyone can be. It takes a special drive to be one but a personality that is in us all.  We all can be an innovator, just have to remember that the most dangerous phrase is that it has always been done this way.

What are you doing to be an innovator? How will you change education? Love to hear your thoughts.

P.S: Some great Innovators to follow are:

Tina Zita

Matthew Oldridge

Starr Sackstien

Brian Aspinall

Rolland Chidiac

Aviva Dunsiger

Michelle Cordy

Sandra Chow

Peter Cameron

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