Friday, 12 April 2013

Social Justice Does Begin With Me!

Recently I have been asked, why do you teach about the ism's? My only answer is why not. To me teaching our children is not just about teaching the core subject areas but also about making our students better citizens; better people. Ghandi's famous quote is something that I try to live my whole life by: "Be the change, you want to see in the world."

I also often hear that the students are too young to talk about these subjects. My response, are children too young to hear about drugs, war, crime, etc? They hear those things everyday. They hear negative language, "like that's so gay", "your retarded" or "fag."  These comments are hurtful, derogatory and discriminative in nature. They need to stop and it stops at a young age. I would rather teach our children to love, work together and respect all people no matter gender, race, disability, Faith, sexual orientation or age. All people can work together, all people can love one another.  There are many other statements against teaching the ism's but it comes down to this, do you want be the change in the world, do you want to make a difference. It starts with you, be the change.

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