Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Reply to a great blog post

I have been having trouble with commenting on Brian Aspinall's blog post: http://brianaspinall.com/?page_id=488

This is an amazing blog post about learning through tech and how we don't all learn to drive with the same car so why teach tech through the same devices or apps.

Here were my thoughts:

Amazing, blog post Brian!  I couldn't agree with you more. I have always said to teachers; its not the app that makes the difference but the teacher.  My Librarian always tells this story, "She gets a lot of teachers who come in and say do you have books?  She looks at them and says, "yeah a lot; it's a library!" Then she says, "what do you want to do? What is your big ideas? Curriculum expectations?" I say the same thing with apps. There is an app for everything, it is all about what you want to do, what expectations do you want to hit.  This is what drives our teaching not the technology, that is just the vehicle in which you deliver the learning.

However, I do have some questions:

1) How do you implement a BYOD program into your school?

2) What about the students who cannot afford their own devices?

3) How do you use particular apps (ones that fit the program or use) without having them on all devices? (thinking paid apps that are great pedagogically wise.)

4) How do you get teachers into incorporating tech more into their own teaching?

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