Saturday, 8 November 2014

What Have You Done to Improve Our Profession?

I am sitting here at the TLLP sharing session in Mississauga listening to Joanne Myers. Truly an amazing speaker. She asked an important question:  What have you done today to advocate for our profession?  She then told us that the best advocacy is with our parents.

This has hit home. I have mentioned this before but my daughter started school this year and it has changed my thinking as a professional.  I never thought it would but thinking like a parent has made me reflect as a practitioner.  You can see my thoughts at this blog post. So when I heard this question I had to think back to everything that has been happening in the classroom this year.

From listening to the personal stories that Joanne has been saying these small moments we can have do impact our students lives. Just to share one:

She mentioned a little boy who stood up for the a small creature in the classroom. She then went home and late at night called his dad. She found out that night his Dad woke him up and they had ice cream.  A year or so later (I think) she found out this particular students Dad had passed away. She still meets with this student and he told her the best memory of his Dad was eating ice cream that night.

Its amazing to think how that small moment had impacted the students life.  Its connections and stories like that that allows speaks for our professions.

I am not too sure if I have a story that motivating but the one that comes to mind is a story that has happened a couple of years ago. I was taking students to an outside workshop and all of a sudden I heard my name being called, "Yo Mr So!" I turned around to be greeted by three tall grade eight students. They looked at me and said you don't remember me? I said no I do, you just weren't six foot tall 200lbs in grade four. We had a big laugh and connected on how they have been doing. Its great to see previous students and how they remembered us even after all of these years.

We have all had that fantastic teacher that has motivated us to go beyond our capabilities. This is why when Joanne said, "What have you done to improve our profession?" It hit home.

I then received this tweet from a colleague Monica Chadha:

This is another discussion to have. As educators we have the power to change perspectives. We are the best that this profession has to offer and need to showcase that.

Teaching is an amazing profession. It has many hardships and struggles but many joyous moments.  Like parenting, I have never regretted my decision to be a teacher.

I write this post not to have any words of wisdom but a thought to have a aha moment and share some stories. It would be amazing to collect these stories of success and share them. Like Joanne said we are the face of the profession and the best advocates of change.

My questions to you:

1) What do you do in the classroom to help advocate for our profession?

2) Do you have any stories of success? 

3) What can we do to promote our profession and make it better?

I can't wait to hear your thoughts.

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