Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Give kids an inch and they go the mile! Inspiration is the inch!

I have had the privilege of having some amazing classes in my career as a teacher and some very challenging ones as well, but one thing that they both have in common is when given the chance to excel they always do.  One of my favourite units in grade Four is Medieval Times. It's a great era of time that draws in all kinds of interests. Unfortunately, I cannot cover all of the cool facts and interesting things of the era. To solve this, I challenge my students to a "rise to power.”

For this challenge, they are to do a presentation about something they have researched, made, drew, or created about the medieval times. It allows the students to go off and explore topics that are not covered due to time.  The kids absolutely love it. When given the chance to learn and when that learning is appreciated kids excel and go above and beyond.  Yes there may be parent help but shouldn't that be encouraged sometimes. All I know is that when given the chance to excel and show their learning, in an environment that students feel appreciated and engaged, they will rise to the occasion no matter the type of student we have.

Here are a few of the projects:

This is a medical shield project inspired by a students idea on coarse of arms. Students loved it so much they did a whole class project.

This I is a manor house. Not all correct in the representation but learning non-the-less.

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